PROGRESS UPDATE: As the islands continue to recover from Hurricane Irma, we would like to take moment to focus on not her devastation but the rebuilding process. All update moving forward will be about the strength of the island community and the reopening of all of your island favorites.

For our St. Maarten destination, rebuilding is also well underway. We are happy to report the airport on the French side has opened and we are following Princess Juliana Airport closely with updates soon to come. In addition, the community has been working to clean up the streets, power has almost been restored across the islands and local bars are now beginning to open. We are also pleased to report that although one of our yachts did suffer damages, it is currently being repaired. Actions have been taken to replace the second yacht to which will be ready for charters over the next few weeks.

In the British Virgin Islands, Foxy's, the Willy T, Soggy Dollar and more, are scheduled to open soon. In addition, local stores, including grocery stores and other Caribbean shops have already opened! Closer to our home, The Catamaran Company, has reported that our office at Hodges Creek Marina is scheduled to open on October 5th! Our base manager has also said that most beaches remain beautiful with the blue water we all love. The locals are also anxiously waiting for the tourism industry to return so they can continue to welcome you with their Caribbean cuisine, delicious cocktails and more. With many more positive updates to come, we want to remind you that rebuilding is a process but we are ready to get back to the water!


One of the main differences setting Festiva Sailing Vacations apart from other sailing companies is that we only offer crewed charters. We realize that in order to be successful in exceeding your expectations, we need to have the best crews possible.

Aboard each of our yachts we have a crew comprised of two, a captain and chef/hostess. These couples live aboard the catamaran and are given the responsibility to care for the vessel as if it were their own. This comfortable living situation for them has a positive reflection on your experience. When you come on board, they are welcoming you into their home and they do everything possible to insure that your time with them is comfortable, safe and fun.

Our crew come from all corners of the world bringing their own unique personalities which add flavor and tales which will make your week memorable. The one thing you can count on is that they all live up to the expectation standards in service and hospitality to assure that your week will be the best it can be.