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United States Sailboat Show

Annapolis Sailboat Show, October 4-8, 2018

We hope you can join us this year for the annual United States Sailboat Show taking place in Annapolis, Maryland. Come see us October 4-8 for boat show specials and more!
WHO: Festiva Sailing Vacations
WHAT: Annapolis Sailboat Show
WHERE: Vacation Basin 13 (On the corner)
WHEN: October 4-8, 2018

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SailingExperience HeroThe experience of taking a crewed all-inclusive charter vacation to that of a cruise line vacation, other than the fact that you are floating, the similarities end there. And when you think of the millions of people each year climb aboard a huge cruise liner and begin the journey of lines, crowds and buffets… it’s hard to understand why more people don’t jump ship and discover the adventure of crewed chartering.

There are many misconceptions that people have when they think of a sailing vacation on an intimate sailing vessel which may deter them from taking the plunge. What we would like to do is to answer some of the many questions, set the record straight on the many misconceptions and give you a better idea of what to expect if you had ever considered taking a sailing vacations.

Choosing a Destination
The first and foremost benefit of taking a crewed sailing vacation is that no matter which location in the world you decide to go to, you will get the opportunity to see that area’s sights from a perspective that can only be seen from a yacht. Where cruise liners are restricted to ports of call, private sailing vessels can reach locations that are away from the crowd. Catamarans are unique in the fact that their “draft”, or depth that they sit in the water is only about 4 feet making for great access to those secluded island locations. This allows for easy beach access to enjoy beach bars, local shops or just to enjoy a shallow dip in the water.

Weather patterns and Sailing
Once you set sail, what you need to keep in mind is that you are not venturing out in to the high seas on some sort of transatlantic journey.  The experience of chartering a private yacht is much more about island hopping. It’s about going from one beach to another stopping along the way to experience the great spots for diving, snorkeling, having lunch on the beach or just to take in the sites.

Many times, your journey from one spot to another is within eye shot, as in the British Virgin Islands where you can explore some of the best sailing waters in the Caribbean which are all well protected by the islands. Its can be like sailing in a bathtub which makes the BVI one of the most popular sailing destinations. 

For those who interests lie more in experience the exhilaration of sailing, locations such as St. Marteen feature some further distance sails from island to island that can be up to 3 hours in duration. Mixed in with shorter sails, these itineraries let you get more of a true sailing adventure along with exploring some of the local towns, markets and beautiful beaches.

What’s included?
A fully crewed, all-inclusive sailing experience is often described as ‘Mindless Relaxation.’ You pay one, all-inclusive price for seven days aboard one of our yachts and the rest is up to us. Sailing packages vary on destination but include sporting equipment, a meal plan, open bar, captain and chef. On our stateroom packages, we'll ask you first to fill out a preference form telling us some specifics about you and your vacation expectations. If you are reserving just one stateroom, we can then match you up with other couples with similar interests and expectations. This information will also give us insight on the types of activities you would like to participate in, any specific information regarding birthdays, anniversaries or other events that we can help to make more memorable.

Festiva Sailing Vacations offers a diverse destination portfolio: British Virgin Islands, St. Maarten, St. John and The Greek Isles. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Festiva Sailing Vacations and start planning the vacation of a lifetime.

 On our sample itinerary for St. Maarten, you will depart after lunch from Prickly Pear Cays on cruising day two, where you will snorkel amongst the beautiful living coral reefs. As we prepare to make the sail to Marigot with a Caribbean cocktail in hand, sit back and relax as we get ready for our next adventure.  After a delicious dinner and a nicely paired wine, you will spend the night and awake to the fresh smell of coffee as you get ready to  experience Marigot. Marigot is just one of the fabulous stops you will see on our St. Maarten itinerary. Marigot is split into two areas, both worth checking out. The harbor front offers a public market and souvenir stands where you can take a little piece of the island home with you. Plus, it offers you a chance to taste St. Maarten as well. You can sample a variety of local rums and local fruits and vegetables. There are also plenty of open air bars and restaurants where you can take in the Caribbean air. If you are a cultural enthusiast, you will enjoy the French culture of the island. Everything from the architecture of residential homes and local businesses, the culinary arts and local crafts. Marigot is a great base for exploring St. Martin’s secluded beaches suitable for persons of all ages when you are wanting to cool off. Marigot is within easy reach of the famed restaurants at nearby Grand Case, said to have the Caribbean’s best dining. For more information on Marigot or the St. Maarten itinerary, ask a charter representative at 866.575.3951.

We are constantly striving to improve our fleet and that is why we have all NEW Lagoon 450's in the British Virgin Islands, since it remains to be our most requested destination. The new Lagoon 450's are available as 3 or 4 cabin option to all of our guests. They are currently on their way to Tortola and we are ready for another great sailing season! The Lagoon 450 remains to be a popular charter option for anyone who is looking to explore the beautiful islands of the Caribbean. Each cabin has its own private bathroom with a separate walk-in shower offering a more luxurious experience to our guests week after week. The exterior of the catamaran also offers additional chase lounge seating in the front of the boat. There is also a sunbathing lounge at the top of the helm which is perfect for getting the ideal image of the horizon as you set sail to your next island stop. The catamaran comes fully equipped with on-board sporting equipment that you may enjoy throughout your charter week.

For more information on the Lagoon 450, click here or contact us at 866-575-3951.

When packing, keep in mind that storage space is limited. Please keep in mind many of the items on the following list are suggestions. There are standard electrical outlets on board for your chargers, laptops, e-readers, and music players.  There are also connections for you music players.  We suggest bringing a standard 1/8 in. audio cable as well to connect your player.  We request that you avoid bringing items such as hair dryers or irons as they will not be needed.  If you are planning on diving, you will also want to make sure that you bring your certification card.   View a sample packing list.