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It’s no secret that when winter cold comes, many flock to the Islands to enjoy warmer weathers and escape the snow. And while that is among the most popular time to sail, there are many benefits to sailing in the low season that often go over looked. In this week’s blog, we’ll explore some of those benefits and just why you should consider low season sailing in the Caribbean!

One of the main advantages to sailing in the low season is that you get to avoid the crowds! Because the low season typically attracts less visitors, you’ll find yourself having a quieter and less crowded vacation, all while still getting to enjoy the picturesque beauty and year-round activities the Caribbean has to offer. Another reason we love sailing the low season is the wide range of available charter dates. In contrast to the high season, you’ll almost always be able to secure your first pick of this seasons sailing dates. Pricing is a major benefit to sailing the low season. Flying to your destination and sailing just outside of peak season can maximize your vacation and minimize your costs. Flights to the Caribbean in the summer are typically more affordable, as are sailing prices.

While traveling in the low season may mean sailing during a different time frame, there’s nothing low about it! You’ll experience the same amazing sailing vacation, but with a few added bonuses.  

While many of our guests opt for an adult only vacation, our catamarans are always welcoming to making sailing a family affair. Our all-inclusive packages, planned excursions, and worry-free vacation itinerary allow for a relaxing family vacation!

At Festiva Sailing Vacations, we want to make sure you have an amazing vacation and create life long memories with both our family and yours. However, enjoying your time on the open water and navigating through our boats does come with a few rules for those traveling with children.

Age Restrictions

For families wanting to travel with children under the age of 16, we ask that you book a full boat to accommodate your group. This allows your family to spend the entire week uninterrupted, with the boat all to yourself, and for our other travelers to enjoy the style of sailing vacation they desire. If you’re traveling with children 16 and over, there are no full boat booking requirements, but please keep in mind each of our cabins accommodates only two guests. You’ll want to plan accordingly for the number in your party.

Life Vests

The safety of all our guests aboard is always of the utmost importance. While sailing with younger children, it’s important to keep in mind that we do not have child size life vest’s on board. For peace of mind, we recommend renting them for the week for any young children. For suggestions on who to rent life vests through, please reach out to us.


We want every passenger to enjoy their sailing experience. At Festiva Sailing Vacations, our crews pride themselves on preparing gourmet meals and meeting the needs of all palates, even those of younger ages. Let us know on your preference forms if you have children coming along and how we can better fit their food wish lists.

With our full boat family bookings, comes flexibility within our typical day to day itinerary. Without any outside party passengers, we can tailor your excursions and docking points to make them more family friendly and include something for all ages.

Sailing With Kids

There is a reason why it is recognized as the European Capital of the Caribbean, delightfully Dutch and fantastically French, this tiny island of just 36 square miles is the smallest country shared by two nations. Fly into Princess Juliana International Airport on the Dutch side. After a short taxi ride to the Porto Cupecoy Marina, meet your crew and store your bags, we encourage you to stroll around the duty-free shopping and sidewalk cafes. You will board your catamaran at five o’clock in the afternoon and enjoy cocktails and dinner on board.

Cruising Day 1:

There are many things to do while you are our sailing vacation to the British Virgin Islands and fishing is just one of them! There is lots of joy and excitement to be had while fishing on your crewed yacht vacation but there are a few things to know before you begin.

How To Spend Your Sailing Vacation In The British Virgin Islands

Truly the sailing Capital of the Caribbean! You can fly into Beef Island on Tortola or the more popular St Thomas Airport and hop aboard the Charlotte Amalie ferry for a scenic ride over to Tortola. Your catamaran "home" will be Hodges Creek Marina, just a taxi ride away from the ferry dock. For early arrivals, guests can stroll around Road Town, where you can visit the local shops or enjoy a bite at one of the local restaurants. Upon boarding, you'll enjoy cocktails while watching your first Caribbean sunset followed by a delicious dinner prepared by the yacht's chef.