It’s no secret that when winter cold comes, many flock to the Islands to enjoy warmer weathers and escape the snow. And while that is among the most popular time to sail, there are many benefits to sailing in the low season that often go over looked. In this week’s blog, we’ll explore some of those benefits and just why you should consider low season sailing in the Caribbean!

  • One of the main advantages to sailing in the low season is that you get to avoid the crowds! Because the low season typically attracts less visitors, you’ll find yourself having a quieter and less crowded vacation, all while still getting to enjoy the picturesque beauty and year-round activities the Caribbean has to offer.
  • Another reason we love sailing the low season is the wide range of available charter dates. In contrast to the high season, you’ll almost always be able to secure your first pick of this seasons sailing dates.
  • Pricing is a major benefit to sailing the low season. Flying to your destination and sailing just outside of peak season can maximize your vacation and minimize your costs. Flights to the Caribbean in the summer are typically more affordable, as are sailing prices.

While traveling in the low season may mean sailing during a different time frame, there’s nothing low about it! You’ll experience the same amazing sailing vacation, but with a few added bonuses.