Christmas in the Caribbean

It’s no secret that the fall and winter holidays are one of the most popular times to sail the Caribbean. While the islands offer you the opportunity to escape the winter cold and warm up in the Caribbean sun, you’ll also find yourself experiencing a unique island atmosphere that can only be found when traveling during the winter holidays.

Beautiful Weather

After spending the morning sailing, you’ll step off the sailboat and onto the picturesque white sand beaches of the Caribbean. During this time of the year, the British Virgin Islands boast the perfect temperatures that quickly put you on island time. Enjoy the sunny, low 80s temperature days and the even more perfect evenings that typical stay around the mid-70s. Weather this amazing isn’t what comes to mind when you think of winter seasons in the States, but it’s exactly what you’ll get when you’re sailing away for the holidays.

Avoid Holiday Stress

While it may not be the norm, packing your bags and vacationing during the holidays offers a great escape from the typical hustle and bustle. Rather than spending your time stuck in traffic or fighting through a mall crowded with shoppers, you’ll get to enjoy a relaxing and stress-free catamaran sailing vacation. Allow the sound of the waves against the sailboat and the ocean breeze to help you gain a new outlook on what the holiday season means to you.

Sailing for this holiday season may not be available, but there’s always next year! We’re now booking for 2020 Christmas and New Years – don’t miss out on giving yourself and loved ones the experience of a lifetime with the gift of sailing holidays in the British Virgin Islands.