Going on an all-inclusive sailing vacation is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing things you can do with anyone. It can provide immense health benefits. Once on the water, you can find yourself leaving the stress from day-to-day life behind you.


Lower stress levels
Receive a sense of freedom and the ability to depart from everything else in your life at that moment. The sounds of the water splashing against the boat or onto shore and the motion of the yacht moving with the waves, can easily relax and reduce stress for a busy individual.

All things around you come into play here. Whether it is the motion of the boat being rocked like a baby to sleep every night. Or the sounds of the sea provide a natural calming effect as well as the salty air around you and breathing fresh sea air, feeling the wind on your face.

Enjoy time to yourself or with those you love doing what you want without being bothered. Or be at one with yourself and nature. Also, the sea salt within the air has lots of charged ions that assist in your body’s oxygen intake, which balances your serotonin levels, creating a happier calmer you.

Throughout your sailing experience, your mental wellness will improve from being in a calm relaxing environment on the water, experiencing things from a new perspective. Whether you're heading to an exotic spot in the Caribbean, or the historic islands of the Mediterranean, the moment you arrive at your base location, you'll enjoy the accommodations of a beautiful Lagoon catamaran. We make it very easy for you to relax and enjoy your time in paradise. Life is better on a sailboat.