Everyone knows of the well-known mantra the three R’S. Reduce Re-use and Recycle. Although most of you are probably already accustomed to these eco-friendly habits in your life ashore, it is never too late to practice these same habits when you climb aboard. Below are tips to help you take pride in caring about the planet and preserving the underwater marine life.

Waste Management

Be responsible for your waste, never throw anything into the ocean and try to prevent anything blowing overboard. If you have any non-reusable items store them on the boat until you can properly dispose of them on shore.

Eco-friendly Products

Reduce pollution by using eco-friendly products. Common household products have chemicals in them, that come off our hair and skin while swimming or the flow right into the ocean off the boat, these they can be harmful to all marine life. There are many different EPA- approved shampoos, soaps, sunscreens and other products that will not harm marine life.

Respect Wildlife
Although the wildlife is beautiful observe you can still enjoy astonishing views while keeping your distance at the same time. While snorkeling or diving be careful not to touch anything with not only your body but the equipment as well marine life is incredibly sensitive. The smallest touch can cause a large amount of damage. Avoid damaging the reefs and seabed by mooring often and anchoring less.

Overall leave ocean better than you found it.