The Updates

We’ve made a few changes to our preference forms and wanted to share them with you. Since each destination we sail is different from one another, our preferences forms should be too - after all, sailing the Med is far different than sailing the Caribbean!

You’ll now notice that when you navigate to our Already Booked tab to fill out a preference form, there is a separate form for BVI/Caribbean destinations and Greece. Our British Virgin Islands preference forms have remained the same, but we have made a few changes for Greece.

For Greece, we will now require some additional travel information to provide to our base in Greece. Before completing the preference form for this destination, you’ll want to make sure you have your passport numbers (and those of the other guest in your cabin) and your flight information handy.

Why preference forms are important?

Preference forms help us provide you with the best vacation possible! While they do tell us who you are, they also tell us more about your personal preferences and exactly what you need to feel comfortable and relaxed on your vacation with us.

Have a special occasion you are celebrating or any dietary needs, restrictions, or requests? You’ll let us know here. Are you wanting an active and adventurous vacation or a relaxing and quiet one? We’ll ask you about that too.

All this information is important because it helps us prepare for your arrival and make sure we are pairing you with other like-minded folks. Submitting your form is easy - once all of your required information and extras have been entered in you’ll just need to submit.

After submitting your report, we get a copy and you will also receive one for your records. If you have any questions while in the process of filling them out, please let us know and we’re happy to walk you through it.