We’re ready to start dreaming about vacationing again and what better way to start than to share exactly what it is that we love about sailing! When thinking about just why we love sailing, we’re reminded of how unique each sailing experience is to every individual. With that in mind, we thought we’d reach out to some of our past guests, followers, and lovers of sailing to ask them just why they enjoy sailing the open waters. Read on for the list we created with the help of our fellow sailing lovers!

Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Sailing

  1. When asking people what they loved most about sailing, the most mentioned reason is the relaxing and peaceful nature sailing provides. We don’t disagree!
  2. As you step aboard each sailing excursion, you open yourself up to a new set of experiences and get to view the world in a way that not many do. Sailing offers you the chance to explore areas of each destination that are not always available to those traveling on foot.
  3. The open waters offer you the chance to disconnect from everyday life. With little to no electronics, WiFi, and connection to land, it’s easy to take the time to focus on yourself and loved ones and take in your surroundings. Something we often forget to do!
  4. Another reason several of our followers mentioned was the sunrise and the view of the world as it begins to wake up. It’s not your average sunrise and you won’t take this view for granted from the deck of a sailboat!
  5. The act of sailing reminds us of great memories and gives us a hint of nostalgia as we remember trips of a lifetime that we’ve shared with loved ones. Whether you grew up learning to sail or you discovered its joy later in life, you’ll never forget your times on the water.
  6. Open waters bring serenity and calm, something you can’t always find on land. Away from the hustle and bustle, you have the opportunity to soak up the silence, sun, and ocean waves that are all around you.
  7. Several of our followers mentioned the sounds of sailing and we know just what they mean! Once on board - after the sails go up - the sounds of the wind passing through them and the water hitting the sides of the boat create a soothing soundtrack to your vacation.
  8. Getting to experience the beauty of your surroundings – no explanation needed here!
  9. There’s something about stepping aboard a sailboat that sets a luxurious scene. Different from any resort, a sailboat offers a quality of vacation you can’t find anywhere else.
  10. The memories you make from sailing are unique and something you’ll cherish forever.

We hope these reasons remind you to never stop thinking about traveling and sailing – even if it seems far away – the open waters are always waiting for you.