When stepping aboard a charter with us, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is about crew gratuity. After spending seven nights with your Captain and Chef, you want to make sure you follow proper tipping etiquette and show the crew your appreciation for the services that they have provided. We thought we would take some time to discuss gratuity in depth and give more of an insight to what is standard throughout the private, crewed charter world.

While the crew does get paid a salary, they are working incredibly long hours when guests are onboard. Our crews go to great lengths to ensure that you have the vacation of a lifetime with us, which is why it is considered to be good etiquette to leave a proper tip.

Customary tip in the crewed yachting industry ranges from 15-20% of your charter’s retail rates. For example: if you are sailing with us during our high season with a retail rate of $5,095, 15-20% gratuity would be $750 - $1,000.

When identifying what percentage to leave for your crew, our approach is simple. Treat tipping as you would in any other setting. Start with considering the level of service you feel you received on your trip. As your crew are such an integral part of your vacation, the level of service provided can impact your tipping amount.

Taking into consideration all the effort put forth by the crew daily, tipping on the high end of the 15-20% scale is the best way to express your gratitude for their above and beyond efforts. However, should you feel that their service provided was average, tipping in the middle range of the scale is acceptable.

At the end of your charter, you can choose to tip your crew in cash or via credit card. Your Captain will ensure that the tip is divided evenly among crew members.