You’ve finally made plans to take the vacation of a lifetime. After planning, packing, and purchasing flights – the last thing you want to do is worry about something going wrong on your trip. Unfortunately, life does happen, and it can throw a wrench in your travel plans – your flights get delayed or canceled, unexpected circumstances come up at home, natural disasters - you name it! That’s where travel insurance can come into play.  

While it may not be your first thought after booking your vacation and buying flight tickets, purchasing travel insurance can provide an added level of comfort knowing you’re covered even in the most unexpected circumstances. That’s why we highly recommend the added security of trip insurance – make your vacation truly carefree! 

When sailing with us, we recommend CSA Travel Protection to all our guests as they provide affordable protection to your diverse traveling needs. With CSA, you can start by getting a free quote and selecting the exact amount you want covered with them – meaning you can lump your sailing vacation, airfare, and more into your protection plan with them. CSA offers 24-7 emergency assistance anywhere in the world, in-house claims processing, and cancel for any reason coverage.  

Your vacation is both an exciting adventure and an investment – don’t take the chance of vacationing without added security! With the ease of service they provide and years of experience, CSA makes the choice easy when it comes to traveling with a peace of mind.