What to Expect When Sailing All Inclusive

Whether you're heading to an exotic spot in the Caribbean, or the historic islands of the Mediterranean, the moment you arrive at your base location, you'll enjoy the accommodations of a beautiful Lagoon catamaran. Choose from a single stateroom and enjoy the company of two or three other adult couples or reserve all guest cabins for up to six or eight guests and get the entire yacht exclusively to yourself. If you have a larger group, we can provide a variety of other large-crewed catamarans, with professional staff, gourmet meals and a host of exciting activities.

Weather patterns and Sailing
Once you set sail, what you need to keep in mind is that you are not venturing out into the high seas, on some sort of transatlantic journey.

The experience of chartering a private yacht is much more about island hopping. It’s about going from one beach to another stopping along the way to experience the great spots for diving, snorkeling, having lunch on the beach or just to take in the sites.

Many times, your journey from one spot to another is within eyeshot, as in the British Virgin Islands where you can explore some of the best sailing waters in the Caribbean which are all well protected by the islands. It can be like sailing in a bathtub which makes the BVI one of the most popular sailing destinations.
As it is well known the British Virgin Islands recently in 2017 experienced one of the worst hurricanes thus far. You can see that cleanup has been rigorous and is still ongoing as the British Virgin Islands are now back to normal and well on the way to becoming better than before. Vegetation has returned, and the underwater life is making a strong comeback.

For those who interests lie more in experience the exhilaration of sailing, locations such as St. Marteen feature some further distance sails from island to island that can be up to 3 hours in duration. Mixed in with shorter sails, these itineraries let you get more of a true sailing adventure along with exploring some of the local towns, markets, and beautiful beaches.

What’s included?
A fully crewed, all-inclusive sailing experience is often described as ‘Mindless Relaxation.’ You pay one, all-inclusive price for seven days aboard one of our yachts and the rest is up to us. Sailing packages vary on the destination but include sporting equipment, a meal plan, open bar, captain and chef. On our stateroom packages, we'll ask you first to fill out a preference form telling us some specifics about you and your vacation expectations or any special diet needs and favorite beverages. If you are reserving just one stateroom, we can then match you up with other couples with similar interests and expectations. This information will also give us insight on the types of activities you would like to participate in, any specific information regarding birthdays, anniversaries or other events that we can help to make more memorable.