There is nothing more relaxing than spending the week on the water. Until you experience it first-hand it's hard to describe... It's a type of mindless relaxation that allows you to decompress from the world you left behind while you let the calm waters and wind rejuvenate your soul. Enjoy a nice novel on the foredeck, take a nap in the afternoon after a delicious lunch or just relax on the trampolines while you take in the sights. Maybe a quick dip from or just float around in the water as you surround yourself in the spectacular scenery of the islands.

With a variety of onboard sporting equipment, your week sailing with us can be as active or relaxed as you choose.


Whether you want to get a good workout it on your sailing vacation or just wanting to float around in the water with a cocktail in your hand, the versatility of our new on-board activity is sure to keep your imagination alive!


When you spend a week in any one of our destinations, you will have the opportunity to snorkel among amazing reefs and spectacular sea life. We will outfit you with snorkels, masks and fins as well as swim floats so you can see the endless fish, coral heads and possibly get a glimpse of some of the more unique species. From eagle and sting rays, clown fish, starfish, sea turtles to barracuda, and enormous schools of color, you'll find around the rocks and coral reefs each stop along the trip will be another great destination to explore.


If beaches are your speed, you won't find a better way to see the most spectacular and secluded beaches. Throughout the week you will visit a new beach each day, and even multiple, different beaches in one day. Explore for sea shells, enjoy the local businesses along the beach or just relax in the sand or in the surf and soak up the sun's rays... one thing is for sure, with so many to choose from, you'll be hard pressed to pick a favorite.


Each of our catamarans is outfitted with a tandem kayak for those who would like to do some exploring. Once at anchor, launch the kayak and go to shore or cruise along the coast taking in the sights from a unique perspective.


Of course, if you are interested in trying your hand at sailing, the captain is more than happy to oblige. Take the helm and chart your course while you help tweak the lines to achieve the most efficient use of the winds. If you’re a seasoned sailor but haven't experienced a catamaran, this is your chance. The captain will explain the ins and outs and show you some of the uniqueness of operating a vessel such as ours. Each of our boats will have charts of the region and it's interesting to learn how to read them and review the places you've been and are heading to next!


If you are interested in scuba diving, we can arrange for a local dive company to meet the boat while on charter. This is the best way by far to see the best dive locations with first-hand local knowledge and they will outfit you with all the necessary equipment. The fee would be paid directly to the diving company for approximately $90-$120 per dive for certified divers (rate and conditions to be confirmed at the time of diving). If you do plan on diving while on charter, be certain to bring your valid certification card to present to the dive operator.


Although not available on all destinations because of the local restrictions, in some of our destinations, the crew have light fishing tackle that you can use for trolling or fishing while at anchor. For the more serious fisherman, if available in the region you are sailing, you might want to rent equipment locally to bring along, but we do recommend checking in advance for license requirements in that region.