Testimonials - Our Guests Say It Best

"I will tour Festiva Sailing Vacations whenever the situation presents itself. I've been sailing for about 35 years and this was at the top of my "sailing bucket list." This sailing vacation topped my expectations! Thank you!"

"We made 24 stops, snorkeled in lots of nice places, and saw a variety of things on shore. It was just right."

"Meals and appetizers were out of this world. Gourmet quality. Always prepared and served without flaw. Plenty of salads, fresh island fruits and fish. Meals included a delicious dessert and if this was not enough to keep your appetite satisfied, there were baskets of snacks to munch on."

"Our sailing trips with Festiva are truly the best vacations my wife and I have each year."

"This is my 4th trip w Festiva. This was by far the best crew I've ever had! They totally made the experience AWESOME! Loved loved loved this trip and will recommend 1000 times! What an awesome job pre trip and tour! "

"This was our 4th sailing vacation and hands down the best one yet! The captain went out of his way to make sure all of our needs were handled! Everyone should book this Greek vacation ASAP!"

"You guys are fantastic! The food was wonderful and we appreciate your sense of humor! The trip had so many high points; the snorkeling, fishing, suntanning, sailing, beautiful beaches, and great company. The competitions were fun….of course the girls' team won! Thanks for everything."

Our charter with Festiva Sailing Vacations was absolutely phenomenal… as in the best ever. When asked somewhere near the end of the week, what had been my favorite experience so far, I was speechless. Everything, even the weather, had been so perfect I could not come up with any one particular event that was better than the other. The yacht was truly shipshape and it went uphill from there. So much of our special time was directly due to the incredible care, thoughtfulness, skill and consideration of the crew. They are really special people."-Gail

"Outstanding crew ,one of the best we have had in 5 years...They were very flexible and took us where we wanted to go!"

"Our sailing trips with Festiva are truly the best vacations my wife and I have each year." 

"The meals exceeded our expectations!!! Delicious and healthy and always a beautiful presentation!! One of our guests had dietary restrictions which were cheerfully met at every meal."

"This has been the most relaxing vacation I have ever taken. You made my family and myself feel welcome from the moment we met you at the dock. Your warm hospitality and professionalism are credits to Festiva. I am sure all the other guests you travel with will be just as happy as we are. We will take with us many happy memories and my entire family thanks you."